Paul Gadzikowski (scarfman) wrote in couldbeplatinum,
Paul Gadzikowski

Finally 1/1; the Doctor/Peri; R

Title: Finally 1/1
Author: scarfman
Characters/Pairing: Doctor Six/Peri
Rating: R for graphic but not explicit sex
Setting (spoilers through): Revelation of the Daleks - starts the instant after the freeze shot
Disclaimer: This work is derivative of property of the BBC. No profit shall be made and no market of the owner(s) is infringed upon.
Betareaders: bewarethespork persiflage_1 billfl purpleranger ladyrutile
Summary: Sequel to Redefined Image and Clueless; coda to Revelation of the Daleks. Peri and the Doctor begin a sexual relationship, which winds them both down enough that they finally begin talking.
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"I don't want to go anywhere with you," Peri interrupted.

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