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Bride of Morbius

After re-watching Attack of the Cybermen and Trial of a Time Lord recently, the bunnies started nibbling. Then I re-read Warmonger, and thought what if Six and Peri had arrived on Karn during Brain of Morbius instead of Four and Sarah? This is the result (at least it's short).

The monster paused in it's pursuit and Peri was suddenly certain that the eye-stalks were scrutinizing her.
"I know you," it rasped uncertainly. "Yes," it grated with more certainty, "You are the girl that evaded me last time. Once I've killed the Doctor I shall make you my toy." The head tilted back toward the Doctor. "I'm going to take your companion away from you yet again Doctor!"

"I rather think Peri will have something to say about that."
She turned to the Doctor. "I don't believe this! Do I have psycho-bait tattooed across my forehead, or something?"
"Well, from the available evidence it would certainly seem so," the Doctor agreed.
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