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New Who/Classic Who story: A Girls' TARDIS Adventure

*waves* Hi! Glad to see this comm exists, Peri can always use more love. In that vein, here's a story I just wrote, that scarfman suggested I drop a link to here. It's crossposted at Teaspoon and at dwfiction.

TITLE: A Girls' TARDIS Adventure
RATING: R (for frank narration of but not description of sex)
SPOILERS: Through "Last of the Time Lords", and a bunch of Who Classic--assumes you know what went down with Peri in Trial of a Time Lord.
CHARACTERS: Tenth Doctor, the Master, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, and Perpugilliam Brown
DISCLAIMER: I intend to make no profit from use of the BBC's characters and properties. Not mine.
SUMMARY: An AU from the end of Last of the Time Lords. The Doctor and the Master and Jack Harkness seem to be getting along fairly well, but Martha is left to her own devices. But there's more in the back of the TARDIS than just a few empty rooms! Some Ten/Jack/Master, a lot more adventuring.

( A fake cut to my journal. )
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